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Data is knowledge. Knowledge is money.

Almost every company has its own website. And almost every website has – or urgently needs – a system to collect statistics on visitors to the site and their behaviour. Because these systems are often very extensive, too technical and overly complex, they are usually not used enough, if at all. However, this data contains crucial insights into visitors, potential customers, their preferences and interests, relevance for your services, information etc. What is more, many companies still have little insight into what their website is worth. This is why many campaigns are not measured properly and decisions are still based too much on gut feeling.

StatsFish helps its customers to make optimal use of their web statistics. It analyses the data and creates practical and informative reports that enable better understanding and decision-making in terms of improving the website, more efficient sales and better insight into potential customers and website visitors.

Want to “catch bigger fish” with your web statistics? Get in touch with StatsFish and you will discover that statistics can be practical and fun.


StatsFish supports her customers in their quest to better understand their website visitors (potential or existing customers) in order to raise the efficiency of their online presence and activities, increase sales, use advertising budgets more efficiently and gain better insight into what works and what doesn't.

Together with the customer, we determine and define key performance indicators and suggest the tools and actions required to record statistics relating to these KPIs as efficiently as possible.

StatsFish offers custom solutions, excellent value for money and helps to improved usability and online visibility.

Advice & Consulting

Short term projects and consultations; advice and support with online statistics, its usage and online marketing in general

Analysis & Reporting

Analysis of available online statistics and visitor data; finding patterns and insights; creation of comprehensive reports; recommendations and advice.

Focused projects

Solving specific problems; targeted support for campaigns and activities; implementation and management of web analytics accounts

Trainings & Workshops

Short, practical training sessions for businesses and organisations on the use of online statistics and the opportunities they present.


Hi, my name is Svetlana. I am the founder of StatsFish and the "Sherlock Holmes" of web statistics. I use deductive and logical methods to decipher and understand my customers’ data and to draw the right conclusions.

StatsFish is based on the core skills of its founder, Svetlana Shljachova, with the assistance of other freelancers and independent professionals for certain other aspects (such as IT, translation, editing and graphic design).


Louise-Lotte Brekelmans, Graphic & Webdesigner

Louise-Lotte Brekelmans, Graphic & Webdesigner

Svetlana's drive is unmatched. She is a very passionate online marketeer who loves her job and works very hard at finding solutions to your unanswered questions. She uses her high standards, humor, love for the job and her focus, to help you find the data you need, to move to the next level. By pointing out the gaps in your statistics she helps you find your focus to catch the fish that wouldn't bite so far. She and I met in Starterslabo and in no time became friends and colleagues. She is a warm person and a joy to work with.

Gerry Buckley, Business Leadership and Executive Coaching

Gerry Buckley, Business Leadership and Executive Coaching

Svetlana has developed the marketing of the PPI Network services from scratch over the last 18 months including the marketing strategy; developing the website focus, content and look; the customer data system; and the marketing tools for enabling the application of the marketing strategy. She has brought a very strong professional approach to the PPI Network marketing, and a higher visibility for the PPI Network brand as well as putting in place the framework for the ongoing application of the marketing approach.

Marjon Meijer, Communications manager at FairFin vzw

Marjon Meijer, Communications manager at FairFin vzw

Thanks to Svetlana's SEO policy, more people get to know our organisation. She is an expert on 'online behavior', marketing and search engines and implements her knowledge quickly and efficiently in any given context. She is committed, motivated and her capability to think along the lines of target groups, opened up great possibilities for communication and marketing in our organisation. On top of that, Svetlana is a warm, dynamic personality with tremendous enthusiasm. She is not afraid to confront problems and always thinks in the best interest of the company! I really enjoyed working with her!

Joke de Nul, Social media expert

Joke de Nul, Social media expert

Svetlana is one of the most motivated and engaged people I ever had the pleasure to work with. Svetlana is a very quick learner, a studious student and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Apart from that, Svetlana is an interesting, intelligent and a versatile person who is fun to be around with.

Nikita Chudjakov, Director at Openadviser Comm.V

Nikita Chudjakov, Director at Openadviser Comm.V

Svetlana will be a great asset to any team or project. She is talented, intelligent and hardworking person and is very passionate about online marketing and new ways of doing promotion and business online. If you need getting things done it would be hard to find a better suitable candidate!

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